Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to The NEST!  We are a Christ-centered and Christ-led 501(c)(3) alliance who desires to serve children and families by allowing the Holy Spirit to work within and through us. We are the broken who have been healed to help heal the broken. We believe that children need to be loved with Christ’s love, to feel worthy of being loved, and to learn that who they are in Christ is independent of their circumstances. The NEST claims Jeremiah 29:11 over the lives of those we are called to serve:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Our goal is to strengthen children and families through the hope of Jesus Christ.  The NEST plants and waters but trusts God for the increase as only He is in charge of the growth.

The NEST is God’s vision. A bird’s nest is woven together by small pieces that, alone, are insignificant. But, when fashioned together, these pieces create a beautiful whole designed for a specific purpose. God began weaving The NEST together long before any of us knew it. However, in May 2007, a group of women began meeting weekly for prayer, Bible study, and earnestly seeking God with all their hearts. By the second year, the Lord began revealing plans and visions in that Bible study and prayer time for serving the children and families of this area.  Early on, inspiration from Matthew 9:37-38 became an important truth:

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest fields.”

In March 2010, our name, The NEST, was given. This is an acronym that illustrates the group’s desire for bringing children into the Nurturing, Establishing, Securing, and Trusting love of God.

“We believe that children need to be loved with Christ’s love…”

In April 2010, God quickly began gathering like-hearted people to The Table, the regular meeting place for The NEST. Each person who has sat (or will sit) at The Table has an anointed purpose for doing so. Without fail, time, talents, and treasures have been freely offered. For such a time as this, God has brought: accountants, attorneys, business owners, child protection workers, childcare providers, children and youth ministers, community organization leaders, contractors, cooks, county officials, educators, electricians, farm owners, a food ministry, foster and adoptive families, heating specialists, jewelers, medical providers, multidenominational church volunteers, musicians, parents, pastors, photographers, plumbers, praise and worship leaders, realtors, technology specialists, therapists, those offering facilities, van drivers and volunteer riders, transportation, and VBS children’s fundraising support. And, by all means, our gracious Lord is not finished yet!

Out of prayer and a passion for children, NEST Kids was born by Summer 2010. We met outside with the children and families in their community.  And, as Fall approached, a perfectly-located building, along with donated renovations, were provided for meeting with the children.  As the numbers grew, a much larger facility was offered nearby in Summer 2011.  NEST Kids continues to be a weekly gathering of children and adult volunteers for praise and worship, a Bible message, activity, and meal.  Our purpose is to show these children the unconditional love of Christ so that their lives may be strengthened and changed.  Our Lord has continued to bless with a weekly food and van ministry for the children, Scholastic Book orders, food distributions, clothing, school supplies, afterschool scholarships, and coat donations.  God faithfully provides for each need at just the precise moment through many anonymous donors and countless gifts.

The NEST also serves as a support network for biological, foster, and adoptive families. This may be through intercessory prayer, community outreaches to share the love of Christ, and participating in foster care (MAPP) training, the Guardian ad Litem program, or some other opportunity directed by God.  “Our story” is actually woven together (like a nest) by the stories of countless others—past, present, and future.

God continues to author the story through His perfect will and His abundance.

“Out of prayer and a passion for children, NEST Kids was born by Summer 2010.”

Below are just a few thoughts from The Table meetings:

  • He renews us here at The Table. He is faithful. Here, He gives a small taste of His joy.
  • We are accountable for what God gives us and the tasks He gives us to do for Him.
  • He has given us the gift of sharing His love with others.
  • Psalm 91:4
  • If the dream doesn’t make others laugh, it isn’t big enough.
  • The NEST is like the wind…not knowing where it came from or where it will go.
    NEST Kids are all the children in the county.
  • When our hearts are broken, it is a hallelujah. We should be concerned when our hearts don’t break for
  • We’re here to smooth the way to the Master’s feet for those who need Him.
  • God puts you in the exact place and time He has for you to do something for Him.
  • We can’t get to the big parts without being obedient in the little parts (what He has for us in the
  • When God wants you to say or do something, you cannot contain it.
  • The NEST is where we get to live out what we’ve taken in (reading our Bibles, prayer, church).

Below are just a few quotes from NEST Kids about NEST Kids:

  • “I’ve been waiting for you to come.”
  • “Jesus is the best helper, isn’t He?!”
  • “This is ours!” [re: the building]
  • “This is such a cute little church!”
  • “And, we get to see God here!”
  • “I missed-ed you all!”
  • “Thank you for the coat.”
  • “I want to be with you!”
  • “I want to stay here forever!!!”
  • During a trip to the Animal Shelter, one child said, “The dog’s need a NEST, too.”

And, blessings about NEST Kids:

  • Children learning to pray individually and in a group
  • A child hugging for the first time
  • Children sharing that they “miss” coming to NEST Kids when they are away
  • Children asking to pray together before getting off the van
  • Hearing a child say “Jesus” for the first time
  • Children learning to praise and worship
  • Being told that the children are singing the praise songs in their homes and at daycare
  • Watching the sense of family growing between the children…becoming a united group with an
    identity… helping take care of each other (attending to others’ needs, holding each other, making sure
    others are OK)
  • Children being strengthened through consistency and seeing God’s love

Heavenly Father,

We come to You with thankful hearts for those who are reading about this small portion of The NEST’s story.
For each person, we call out Ephesians 1:17-21 and 3:16-21.  We continue to pray that children and families are strengthened by the work you do through The NEST.  Just as Nehemiah was the repairer of broken walls, may The NEST also help build and restore lives in some way.  We know that only You, Lord, transform and deliver families. May we never be without a broken heart for those who do not yet know Your love, mercy, truth, grace, and salvation. Lord, we praise You for the “ripple effects” of The NEST and for expanding territory to the north, south, east, and west for Your Kingdom.  Thank you for whom You have sent and will send to help meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of Your children.  Lord, we lift up to You past, present, and future NEST Kids and families.  May we continue to seek Your perfect will, proceed decently and in order with the tasks You lay before us, and be no more and no less than what You have asked.  Thank you, in advance, for blessing beyond, beyond all that we could ask or imagine according to Your power.

In Jesus’ precious, holy, holy, holy name we pray.  Amen.